weeJumper : Javascript DoodleJump game clone

This is a quick DHTML game I built one night and forgot about it. I just added support for iPhone so please check out the demo. The source code is available here, so feel free to add style or expand the game.

Wee Jumper

View Demo

3 Responses :)
  1. Ricky,

    We’ve just had to fire our existing web developer due to lack of skills. Unable to code javascript, struggling with CSS layouts, etc.

    We still have a deadline to get a simple e-commerce site (using paypal) up and running by November 11th.

    We have basic theme designed from our last designer that you can pull apart and use and I’m a perl coder and database guy (20-years experience) myself and can provide back end work for you to integrate with if needed.

    Can you help us? If so what kind of ballpark budget are you talking about?

    Kindest Regards, Keith
    The Leather Satchel Co.

  2. Its too cool , i will certainly modify and extend it . :)

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