New Site – Digital Media Projects

I’ve worked at Digital Media Projects for almost two years now, and we have finally gone live with the third revision of the website. The site was designed and built by your truly and features some really cool CSS and JavaScript.

DMP new Site

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New Mentality

For a company who specializes in new media and modern technologies are website was dry, static and boring. It didn’t reflect the exciting environment we all work in and wasn’t growing at the same speed as the company.

Accessibility doesn’t have to be boring

We wanted the new website to be accessible by anyone anywhere without losing anything in design. This includes video, animations and image heavy content.

DMP pure css

Take the image above: It uses only CSS and no images, it works in every browser we tested! We also included video that will play on iPhone, iPad and any device that can handle flash. But one of my favorites is our 3D box render which also works on the iPhone and iPad.

Check for updates

I included a news page on the site so check us out for updates on IPTV, Digital Signage and other broadcasting technologies.