Tab-Alerts with mootools

Ever wanted to catch a users attention or provide them with important information but there away browsing Facebook or Twitter. Well Here is a simple solution with tab alerts.

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Eh! what does it do again?

Well quite simply it updates the web-pages title attribute when a user is inactive or browsing in another tab. When the user returns the title returns to the original state.

Basic Usage

This demo changes the title to show the user they have a new message in their inbox.

     var myVar = new tabAlert({
          text: 'You have one new message.'

More Advanced Usage

This demo shows a goal alert.

     var myVar = new tabAlert({
          text: 'GOAL FLASH: Manchester United 0:1 LEEDS UNITED (Beckford 19',
          ticker: true,
          speed: 200,
          onLoop: function(){

My first Mootools plugin

This is my first MooTools plugin. I don’t usually get to time to write one (The process of submitting your first takes forever)! But it’s up and you can download it here.